Blog: The Woman at the Mill (B) Australian Literature

Blog: The Woman at the Mill (B) Australian Literature



By Evan Papamichael

Manuscript Master Evan


Source: “The Woman at the Mill” pp.91-103 by Frank Dalby Davison in Australian Short Stories, Selected by Kerryn Goldsworthy, 1992, JACARANDA WILEY LTD, Milton, QLD, Australia


Irene our protagonist was awaiting her man of interest, Bert Caswell.

D. Davison (1992: p.92) states: “She had thought of seeking a meeting with him in the township under cover of a visit to the store, but had been deterred by two considerations.

First, the fear of observing eyes – people were quick to put two and two together,

particularly if the total promised a scandal;

second, the torturing conviction that for proof that what had happened between them meant the same thing to them both she must wait upon his seeking her.” (Ibid)

It crossed her mind: to confront him. Not far away, in a remote location; but, in the town, itself. Did this mean; that she had no shame for herself, or for him? Was their desire for one another - so deep and intense - that nothing could tear them, apart? Was it a long relationship that lasted, for years? How did it continue: until the, present? What was this intimate occurrence: that kept them bonded for; a significant duration? It did not look like: love at first sight. They appear to have, known each other, well.

What were, Irene’s - major, considerations? Where did they originate? Why was she concerned; about, gossip? Who would backstab Irene; and, her lover – Bert Caswell? What did this back chat; in the distance, mean; and, was it the, end or beginning: to their adulterous, relationship?


To what extent was this - a scandalous, love affair? Who was to blame? Irene who was married; or Bert, or both?

The bond between them; could not be broken, until now. Would their romantic get together; further this love; between them; and, was he as eager to meet her: as she was, with him? The question is: what had happened, between them? We are anxious; and, eager to, find out.

“upon his seeking her” suggests that he - initiated this romantic advance - which was forthcoming. We are excited; but, cautious about: the forthcoming, of events.


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