Blog: Jonah and the Whale, The Seekers; and, Peter and the Wolf

Blog: Jonah and the Whale, The Seekers; and, Peter and the Wolf


By Evan Papamichael

Manuscript Master Evan

The first Australian Group that I was introduced to was – The Seekers. They reached World Wide Fame with their Film song called: Georgy Girl. The teachers only had a record player in those days (early 1970s) but for us children; at school, it was similar to a, live concert. We had different: Australian, American and English songs to sing - as well as - Nursery Rhymes, Folk Songs and we moved into Classical Music. My favourite Classical tune was: Peter and the Wolf.

It was instrumental; but, very engaging, relaxing and pleasant, to hear. At Easter we sang: Traditional Christian Songs and we were given, Easter Eggs; and, told stories about: the Easter Bunny. I enjoyed Religious Instruction; when we were educated about, Jesus Christ and the Holy Week.

At Christmas time, our teacher would; have in the classroom, a small Christmas Tree. In our later years; I and the other students; would give each other, Christmas Cards.

In my final year of Primary School, I auditioned; and, was successful - to be part of the, School Musical. It was called: Jonah and the Whale. It was great; and, everyone was thrilled; to take part in it; at a, local Church Hall. We all wore - Purple Ponchos – to, look similar to the: people, in the Old Testament. My family was there; as were, those of the other students.




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