Blog: Athletics, Swimming, Walkathon, Cricket and Football

Blog: Athletics, Swimming, Walkathon, Cricket and Football


By Evan Papamichael

Manuscript Master Evan

I was introduced to Little Athletics at the age of five. I enjoyed competing and when I came first (many times) I was awarded a Blue “First Ticket”. My specializations ranged from: the 100 and 200 metre Sprint; as well as, Hurdles, Hop, Step and Jump, High Jump, Relay, Discuss and the Medley. It was fun; because, I mixed in with my peers, made lots of friends, learned how to respect others; and, it was a good contrast to - reading books, attempting maths equations, doing homework; and, learning new; but, difficult things on the Blackboard, all week. Saturday Morning was my Sports Day.

At School, from the age of eight; it was compulsory; for the students to take, swimming lessons. At the back of our Primary School; there was a Competition size Swimming Pool; built by the, Local Council.

It had a 50 meter pool for professional competition, a nine foot high diving board and two pools: one which was, one metre in depth for toddlers; and, a two metre pool, for those in their childhood. For four years; I took lessons by a professional swimming teacher; and, I mastered: Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breast Stroke, Diving Forwards and Backwards; and, Treading Water. We were also taught, the basics of - water safety such as - what to do if you had a Cramp while in the water, to avoid rips; and, to swim between the flags; at the beach; and, how to, notify a Life Guard, if you fell into trouble, while swimming.

At school we were also taught: how to respect underprivileged people; and, how to work with, Charities. We had our annual Walkathon, to raise money. We had to run or walk a certain distance; and, for each lap - which we completed on the track - we were given; an amount of money, which we passed on, to a worthy cause.

We were encouraged, by our teachers from a young age; to play: Cricket and Football. I and the other boys at school; looked up to the professionals, who played these sports, as heroes. We watched them play on television; we listened to them on the radio; and, we were excited by the wins each week; and, were at times, disappointed - when our favourite team, lost. Dennis Lillee was a well-known, Cricket Bowler. I had a Reader, from age five at School. It was a College Grey Folding Cover; which had a string at its centre, inside; and, I used to fasten my books; from the School Library; or from my Classroom teacher, to it; and I read: two or three books, each night – at home.

We had a football team; and, in my final year of Primary School; I competed; and, was part of my School’s - Premiership Winning Team. It was an honour. When I was five, I had on my Reader: a sticker of: Royce Hart, who was a footballer. Kevin Sheedy (of Essendon fame) coached us (once) in Football; when I was ten, at School, as did Robert Flower, from the Western Bulldogs Club.

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