#1 Monash University - Philip Ayres

Monash University - Philip Ayres










#2 Monash University - Alan Dilnot

Monash University - Alan Dilnot









#3 Holmesglen -  Ray Mooney

Holmesglen - Ray Mooney









#4 Holistic Dentistry - Dr. Ben Olstein

Holistic Dentistry - Dr Ben Olstein









#5 Ray Mooney: Novelist, Playwright, Screenwriter

Evan was a delight to work with, honest, diligent, generous, knowledgeable and with the best sense of humour. He's one of the nicest people on the planet.


#6 George Ligocki: Professional Year Trainer at Performance Education Australia

Evan has broadened his writing skills to include Social Media. He has developed a keen sense for how the paradigms of doing business continue to change in this fast paced world. He has an appreciation of how these new technologies are pushing business practices to ever high levels of efficiency and speed. I commend Evan in his pursuit and study of social networking practices.


#7 Goldie Alexander: Author/Teacher at Self-Employed

Evan is an excellent corporate and technical writer, and journalist at Writer Evan. I thoroughly recommend his work.


#8 Andrew Twelftree: Marketing Expert, Author, Speaker, Internet Marketing, Social Media Branding

My dealings with Evan filled me with nothing but confidence that he would conduct himself with professionalism. I expect he would only provide value and quality for any prospective clients.