Writer Evan: Services for Copywriting

What mediums does Writer Evan Copywrite?

  • I analyse print media and advertising and how it captures the attention, purchasing power and confidence of consumers’ and voters’ demographics
  • I examine and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of writing in newspapers, magazines, television and radio as well as other media such as billboards, posters, point-of-sale displays, direct mail and the internet; as a means of communicating messages

Creating the Message

  • I study startling statistics and comment on the effectiveness of each one

I analyse human needs

  • Self-Actualization, esteem and status, social belonging, safety and security, psychological
  • Needs, wants and emotional states which were targeted in an advertisement
  • Greed, thrift, vanity, fear, compassion, guilt, conformity, boredom, purposelessness, curiosity, justice, sexuality, punishment, envy and spirituality

Public Relations

  • I analyse the roles performed by PR Practitioners in advertising, public and media inquiries; and, with issuing news releases and statements

Scripts and Speeches

  • I write Scripts and Speeches; and, can analyse them. I was awarded the Scriptwriting Prize for Best Student at the Holmesglen Acker Awards in 2007 by Ray Mooney

A Client Brief

  • I can receive and give a Client Brief; and, I can follow the necessity for guidelines for budgets, and the contingency plans and objectives

Everyday Business Documents

  • I can write short persuasive articles containing snappy headlines that are attention getting; with a first line which keeps the readers’ interest

Writing Briefs

  • I can decide on how much detail and for what type of meeting or interview the brief is being prepared for

What lengths does Writer Evan work with: 50 words to 5000 Evan only works in the Genre of: Non-Fiction material that is written in English

Writer Evan: Services for Copyediting

Written work must be flawless. This is possible with Copyediting. I can ensure that the proper use of punctuation and grammar is maintained. As well as: correct language, tone, sense, flow, voice and consistency. You will be provided with:

  • A Manuscript Assessment and Author Feedback; to outline successful delivery of all expected elements
  • A comment on logical structure and whether author voice is too personal or biased
  • I will show where emphasis is needed in key areas; and, with more explanation
  • Provide Author Queries in a clear manner
  • Use eligible copyediting marks in the margins
  • Use standard Copyediting symbols
  • Use appropriate Dictionary and Style Guides as references
  • Make a Heading Structure
  • Use a Style Sheet for correct hyphenation, spelling and Capitalisation
  • Keep tone authoritative especially when discussing statistics and facts
  • Preserve light-hearted author voice

What lengths does Writer Evan Copyedit? 50 words to 5000 Genre: Non-Fiction in English

What mediums does Evan Copyedit? Please refer to: Services for Copywriting     


Copyedited extract from a History book for correct application of: grammar, punctuation, style and structure.   

  • Ensured that language and tone were appropriate
  • Copyediting marks were legible in the margins
  • Author Queries were presented in a clear manner and fully addressed the question (in other words, did not simply mark AQ but also outlined the issue)
  • Headings were coded as indicated in the Style Sheet
  • I was not required to mark up bad word breaks but I needed to check the relevance and placement of images
  • I did not need to check each metric/imperial conversion but I had to mark up any that looked odd
  • Used a red pen, not a pencil
  • Used standard copyediting symbols
  • Used the Style Sheet for the correct hyphenation, spelling and capitalisation.

If the Style Sheet did not resolve the issue; I made a decision to override it; if I thought that it contained errors or inconsistencies

  • Used appropriate Dictionary and Style Guides as references