Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy

Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy

Lecturer: Steve Slaunwhite from AWAI
Evangelos Papamichael

Specialist Skills
I can craft effective sales letters, emails, advertisements, websites, landing pages, brochures, newsletters, case studies, white papers and dozens of other types of “marketing communications” for business-to-business companies.

I can help B2B companies sell their products and services, and the many types of marketing pieces they produce to help them do that. I have an insider look into the mind of the business buyer. I understand how the B2B buying process works, how decisions are made, who makes them, and the surprising factors that influence the people involved.
I know the importance of balancing the features with the benefits, how to appeal to the business buyer’s “CNI factor” (Challenges, Needs and Interests), the four influencers of a business buying decision, and how to take all that into account when you write your B2B copy.

I can write practical strategies and proven formulas for creating powerful headlines, strong leads, compelling body copy, effective bullets, and more. I understand the major categories of B2B marketing communications you can expect me to handle as a copywriter. These include lead generation, edu-marketing, sales communications, and publicity.

The 3 C’s of effective body copy. Make it Clear. Make it concise. Make it complete.
The importance of a great lead and how to write one.
How to craft powerful paragraphs and sentences.
Never to write a weak bullet. They’re too important.
That unless there’s a good reason not to do so, always include benefits in your bullets, not
just features.

Strategies for Writing an Effective Offer: Explain the Offer clearly, Focus on the benefits of
the offer, Put the price in perspective, Alleviate concerns, Provide an inducement to act
now, Don’t ask for too much information, and Make it easy to respond.

Write Long Copy or Short? Ask yourself…
Is it a standard format? Is the size and/or layout carved in stone? What action are you asking the reader to take? How emotionally involving is the buying decision? How dependent is the prospect on the copy? How expensive is the product or service? Is there any brand power? Is the product part of a high-interest topic?