Networking and Marketing Assignment

Networking and Marketing Assignment

By Evan Papamichael

Meeting One Victorian Writers Centre

Getting into Technical Writing

Presenter: James Turnbull Date: Tuesday 21 October 2008 Time: 6:30-8:00 pm Phone: 9654-9068

Venue Address: Level One, Nicholas Building 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 NEWS

Teach Me to Technically Write - James Turnbull presented a seminar on the expertise of Technical Writing. It was at the Victorian Writers Centre, in Melbourne.

He outlined brilliantly how to enter the technical writing market. A number of interesting issues were raised. Turnbull said�� you have to work out who your audience is�thinking of emerging ideas. As an example, you can write about, environmental science, solar panels, grey water tanks and of course the volatile information technology industry.� Technical Books in IT A number of interesting issues were raised. According to Turnbull, �books date quickly so be careful. But he pointed out that you need to be current with your information. Intermediate books are a good focus point. Dummies guides to computers are fine. But if you really want to get technical more detailed books are required.� Choosing a Publisher Mr Turnbull recommends the following process to achieve a successful publication of your technical books. 1. Remember class to choose a publisher who will publish your work. 2. Conference proceedings with big technical publishers are a must to attend. Australia is a small market so jump at the chance with those publishers who are British or American. This of course is networking at its best. 3. Finally, pitching your concepts to these bodies is essential if you want to be successful. Provide one-three sample chapters and give a page and word estimate. Supply a timetable or project plan to outline the marketing potential of your book and how competitive it is. Identify what the audience has to know first. Summarize information at the end of each chapter. Test the reader as they may have different educational abilities or might have English as a second language. James Turnbull was excellent and informative in his seminar. His marketing section was valuable. According to Turnbull, you must identify your reviewers of your manuscript and give them copies. Technical books do not get author tours. You must speak out at conferences, user groups, forums and community activities. Turnbull pointed out that, essentially you must talk to educators. If Evan's book is a text book then he is guaranteed sales by maybe 200 students and the library. Or even better, TAFEs, High Schools and even Technical Colleges (as they call TAFE in the USA) will put in a grab and make a purchase too. So really Evan is heading for the big time in the publishing world if he can enter the market locally and overseas. The question of ability was covered well. Not only do you have to write IT Technical books as a guide to using software. You must make sure that you provide the market with the educational requirements of your reader. Mr Turnbull appears to be successful in this area.