Industry Overview 8: Editing and Publishing

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Getting Published   - Week Eight Journal

Editing and Publishing

Getting Published


Griffin Press:                                       9265 8222                   Clayton

McPherson’s printing Group             9566 3111                   Mulgrave

The Five Mile Press                            8756 5500                  Rowville

Australian Books in Print                   8645 0385

Gully Bookbinders                               9793 7877                   Dandenong

Independent Publishers

            Text Publishing: Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction

            Booksurge Publishing : 8329 2280

Magazine:  The Australian Writer’s Marketplace “Victorian Writer”

From the Victorian Writer’s Centre.

Evan can perform his poetry at Pubs and Cafes.

Journals – many literary journals publish poetry for free but Evan (the poet) does not get paid for his published work.

Other magazines to get published – “overland”.

A few words need to be stated about “The Australian Writer’s Marketplace”. If you’re serious about being a writer, this annual directory is your essential guide. With over 2000 useful and varied contacts listed, every published or unpublished writer should have a copy of this comprehensive guide to getting published. With 166 new listings in 2005, including 24 new Publishers and changes to 50% of the 2,159 listings contradict the myth of a dying writing and publishing industry.

For any aspiring writer there are online courses in a Calendar of Workshops, Master classes and seminars which offer the unique opportunity to spend a day with some of Australia’s finest language innovators and story tellers.

The workshops are for writers of all standards and experience, and cover general writing techniques and creative writing exercises. Participants come away with ideas, information and contacts, furthering their understanding of the writing craft. Master classes are for writers who are writing regularly, have some publishing experience or who have a manuscript in progress. They provide an intense tutor/participant focus and concentrate on advanced writing techniques.

Seminars are panel discussions that give all writers an insight into industry practice, opportunities and freelance business management.

First Guest Speaker :            Janet MacKenzie      

If you want to write for the public you have to write what people want to read. We live in an incredibly literate society. It is very hard to be a successful writer.

In Australia 3000 novels are written in one year. Only one in ten are published i.e. 300. Five per cent of novels will earn the author an income to live on. Three quarters of novels published are from people who have already been published. Do not expect to make a lot of money from writing books.




Editors save authors from making a fool of themselves. Editors present the book’s content effectively to the reader.

There are 1500 editors in Australia in the book trade. This includes corporate and Government publishing and Technical Writing.

Editors are 90% female in Australia.

How do you get a job as an Editor? Competition to get in is difficult.

Thousands of people in Australia are working in Publishing so make contacts through networking.

Freelance – join Society of Editors Website

Contacts to find a job as an Editor.

Editors have a small income.

Institute of professional Editors (IPED)

Editors – what work do they do?

Half of all books published in Australia are text books.

Corporate or Government Editor or Publishing – has big money. i.e. Publication Officer.