Industry Overview 4: Katherine Ross and Kristine Harrison

Holmesglen TAFE:    Industry Overview

Corporate Writing   - Week Four - Journal

Speakers (1) Katherine Ross: Freelance Journalist/Writer

(2) Kristine Harrison - Jennings Business Writer

(1)   Katherine Ross has been writing for thirty years. She started in Northern Ireland on politics and flower shows. She worked as a Public Relations Editor, as well as in Publishing and Journalism. She has worked in Austria, Germany, and of course Australia. Currently Katherine works as a freelance writer.

(2)   Kristine Jennings works as a Corporate Writer and this career is her passion. As a business writer in company profiles she has worked in Advertising Campaigns in Australia, U.S.A., U.K. and Europe. She has also worked as a Corporate Writer in medical, legal, arts and the Entertainment industry.

Firstly, Katherine Ross says that in Corporate Writing you must promote yourself when getting work from small or large businesses. This involves Annual Reports, proposals, sales letters or speech writing. Corporate writing is about things that interest you in restaurants. Corporate writing needs certain skills you need to revise or edit or improve a document. You are guaranteed a payment in Corporate Writing. It is essential that you write clearly and that your writing matches the wants of the audience.

You must write in your own words. Plan ahead, have many jobs, you need marketing skills and a selling ability. You must have people skills and confidence and need to talk persuasively. You need a boundless curiosity and an ability to ask questions and to listen to the answers. Have enthusiasm and attention to detail.

These are (12) stages to a critical path to success.

  1. Liaise with the client
  2. Print quote on design
  3. Source photos
  4. Organize mail payment
  5. Design constraint with Australia Post
  6. Approve layout with the client.
  7. Print layout
  8. Liaise with mail
  9. Get names and addresses
  10. Write cover letters
  11. Approve with mailing house
  12. Drink alcohol and relax

Project  Management is important

1)      Client looks for writing and design and printing. People want solutions and not services.

Technical Writers can simplify matters – asks lots of questions, focus on client – who is the audience and what is important to them? Value how company delivers this. Discussion with clients, look at how they do business. Incorporate success stories into your marketing pieces. Blending words and images with designer and Graphic Design and Publishing.

Working for yourself at home – there is freedom here. You must visit clients but most of the time you are at home. There is no boss dominating you. Working freelance involves working for several employers and a number of different clients. You never have a steady income and you lack support. There are few people to turn to if things go wrong, you need to always Network. Join organizations that help you to find work.

Can you make money from Corporate Writing? Evan can charge $45.00 - $60.00 per hour.

Evan can change $100.00 - $120.00 per hour for big companies. Evan might have to work seven days a week. Evan it is better not to charge by the hour. Get paid a fixed sum for financial security. Evan keep accurate records of how long a job takes you.

Book – by Janet McKenzie called Editor’s companion – look at chapter Eleven titled “Freelance Editings”.

Draw up a business plan Evan. You need an ABN number. Evan needs to have knowledge of PAYE and GST. Public liability Insurance is essential. Need income indemnity and income insurance.

Image and perception are important. Need to print business cards. Find work on the web at:

In Corporate Writing you are working for the public sector.