History | Australia and USA


Historian Skills

  • Discreet, dominant, industrious, idealistic, innovative, individualistic, just, loyal, open-minded, original, patient, practical, principled, sensible, strong, structured, truthful, daring, critical, curious, detail-oriented, efficient, emotional, energetic, excitable, kind, sincere


Personality Qualities

  • Achievement, advancement, belonging, community, independence, intellectual, stimulation, interaction, moral fulfillment, prestige, time freedom, variety



  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (History: Australia and USA)
  • Legal History-Final Result 80%
  • La Trobe University (Completed in 1989)


Details of Course

  • Professor John Salmond (Evan's USA History Lecturer) completed a PhD from Duke; and worked as an Academic and Dean at La Trobe. Dr Alan Frost, (Evan's Australian History Lecturer) also worked as a Dean and an Academic at La Trobe. In my Tertiary studies, I was introduced to the Pastoral Fathers, in Early Australia.
  • Professor Salmond taught Evan to master the USA’s History from; The War of Independence - to Slavery and the Civil War; The USA’s role in the Two World Wars; and the country’s contribution to the Twentieth Century, from a Social, Political and Moral perspective.
  • Year 12 Melbourne High School, 1983; Australian History-Final Result 66%
  • Evan's High School was: selective, independent, academic and prestigious. He studied about Australian History; from Convict Settlement to Immigration and The Gold Rush - as well as French, British, Russian and German, History.


Previous work:

Nineteenth Century Private Law Essay: To what extent did the nineteenth century American private law reflect the interests of the entrepreneurial class?

The Australian Working Class Essay: To what extent was the nineteenth century Australian working class exploited in the labour force?