English Literature

English Scholarly Writing Skills

  • Knowledge, organisation, decision making, creativity, cooperation, control, discipline, communication, challenge, fast pace, self-expression, structure, precision, effectiveness, development, leadership, mastery.


Personality Qualities

  • Accuracy, active, ambitious, analytical, appreciative, businesslike, calm, capable, caring, cautious, competent, confident, conscientious, courageous, decisive, detail-oriented, determined, eager, flexible, humorous, imaginative, intellectual, methodical, meticulous, modest, objective, persuasive, productive, quick, rational, responsible, tactful, thorough, tolerant, wise, versatile



  • Bachelor of Letters (English Literature) Monash University: Credit Average
  • Completed an English Major in 2000. Evan mastered the Genres of numerous Literature: Contemporary, Victorian, Short Fiction: Classic and Contemporary, Travel Literature and pre-1800 writing; where he analysed, discussed, interpreted and explained the excellence of John Milton’s Paradise Lost.
  • Evan studied Hamlet, The Tempest, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre; as well as Great Expectations and Hard Times.
  • His lecturers held a PhD from Oxford, Cambridge and prestigious Australian Universities.

Evan has written a number of essays on English Literature, including topics such as Literature and the Christian Tradition and Contemporary English Literature.

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