Direct Response Copy Pricing

Direct Response Copy – Pricing


Radio Direct-Response Commercial
Generate orders with an appealing direct-sale spot.
$1,500-$2,000 each

Direct Mail: Sales Letter Package
Letter, envelope, order device for subscription/information/
product promo, backend promotion, acquisition list.

Direct Mail: Lead-Generation Package
Usually includes a letter, envelope, order device, buckslip
for the offer.

Direct Mail: Renewal Series
Renewal letter/blanket renewal insert to retain or upgrade
subscribers, members, product buyers

Direct Mail: Magalog
This multi-page sales letter is presented in the form of a
magazine or tabloid.

Direct Mail Newsletter-Style Self-Mailer
Grow leads, sales, registrants, etc. with an engaging piece.

Direct Mail: Postcard or Double Postcard
Stay in the “keep” pile of mail and prompt action.