Copy Writing Expertise


Report Writing Experience

  • Wrote a long report on Melbourne’s Water supply
  • Identified report’s purpose, determined its main issues
  • Organized material according to purpose audience and content
  • Used suitable language with a logical argument
  • Presented solutions and evaluated them with evidence, objectively
  • Wrote a conclusion and offered recommendations appropriate to document’s purpose
  • Edited the report

Learnt to analyse print media and advertising and understand how it captures the attention, purchasing power and confidence of consumers’ and voters’ demographics

Examined and discussed strengths and weaknesses of writing in newspapers, magazines, television and radio as well as other media such as billboards, posters, point -of - sale displays, direct mail and the Internet; as a means of communicating messages


Creating the Message

Studied startling statistics, rhetorical questions, quotations, unusual facts, humour, pointed questions, and anecdotes, and commented on effectiveness of each one.


Analyzed human needs

Self-actualisation, esteem and status, social and belonging, safety and security, psychological needs, wants and emotional states which were targeted in an advertisement

Greed, thrift, vanity, fear, compassion, guilt, conformity, boredom, purposelessness, curiosity, justice, sexuality, sensuality, punishment, envy, spirituality.


Analysed roles performed by PR Practitioners

  • Advertising management on strategies and policy issues
  • Analysing public and media inquiries
  • Issuing news releases and statements
  • Monitoring public opinion and the company’s or organization’s image and suggesting action where necessary
  • Speech writing, public speaking
  • Evaluating communication performance and recommending improvements


Writing Scripts and Speeches

  • Developed an entertaining idea such as an opening sequence or montage
  • Personalized the experience with dramatic or humorous characters
  • Considered an expert or celebrity presenter
  • Narrator to provide commentary
  • Used a variety of pacing and rhythm


Analysed famous speeches

  • Abraham Lincoln: “The Gettysburg Address” on November 19 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
  •  Martin Luther King Jr: “I have a dream” August 28 1963.
  •  Sir Winston Churchill: “We Shall Fight them on the beaches” June 4 1940.


A Client Brief

  • Have received and gave a Client Brief
  • Followed a Timeline proposed budget and evaluated reporting mechanisms
  • Skills and activities used; note taking in the interview
  • Necessity for guidelines for budgets
  • Contingency plans and objectives
  • What milestones quality checking mechanisms need to be in place to monitor progress and test the quality of the final product
  • How product can be positioned to best present my case


Everyday Business Documents

  • Wrote short persuasive articles
  • Snappy headlines, attention getting; first line kept readers interest
  • Convinced them they want to contribute to news letter
  • Concluded with a call to action


Writing Briefs

  • Decided on how much detail and for what type of meeting or interview the brief is being prepared for
  • Which areas of focus or research
  • Recommendation required
  • How much background knowledge does the person who is authorizing the brief already have