B2C Email Copywriting Skills

How to Write Effective: B2C (Business to Consumer) Emails

Writer Evan Fees: - A series of 3-10 emails at a time, $300 - $2,500
(plus 10% GST)

Writer Evan Email Types:

  • Personal: Stories about things that happened to Evan/his Family/Colleagues/at school/with Friends.
  • Cultural: Rock Concert/Singers/Actors/Sports Stars/Movie/Songs/References to TV shows/Cinema/Song album.
  • Topical: News/Entertainment items. What you see when you open up a Newspaper.
  • Includes Tidd Bits meaning, (News of the day/Hot News)

The Art of Storytelling and why it’s critical to your emails

  • Persuasion and Direct Response Copy stories deepen the relationship
  • Personal, emotional, a closer connection with buyer or prospect
  • Forms a bridge of trust from Marketer to Prospect – strengthening it, making it wider and stronger selling process through storytelling

Email Requirements: AIDA Formula (Attention, Interest, Desire and

  • Attention: headlines and sub headlines on a Sales Letter. An identifier what is it that you do/sell?
  • Subject line: What you see in your email opener that pulls/tugs you in to the next line
  • Gain reader’s interest
  • Build a story and bring them into your message or intention
  • Desire: Moving from interesting story to Desire. Have a serious situation which I have to fix. Position yourself as a saviour/solution/solver.
  • Action: Pulling the trigger on making the purchase. Call now on your phone.
  • It’s all about reputation. You have to say which individual/organization the email is from.
  • Be more conversational in your email writing style.
  • Paint a picture in email reader’s mind.
  • Treat the reader as an individual.
  • Connect with the reader – No hard selling - say: “I want to be part of Evan’s company – disarm reader here, engage with the reader.

Use Tidbits

Definition of Tidbit: News of the current day, or entertainment and hot news. The public eats this up immediately.

Place in email where we have a transition – critical part where we go from
storytelling to a happy/sad theme and then we have a subtle effortless and
smooth transition.


  • Can be B2C, B2B and Government
  • Are all about recognition and reputation from Writer Evan
  • Are engaging and personal or representative
  • It is the promise that keeps on giving and is ongoing work
  • Put it out on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • They are delivered to a Subscriber’s Inbox on PC and stay there
  • Not scanned quickly like promotional emails
  • Not lost on the web like a web page
  • Always include at least one interactive element in e-Newsletter
  • Surveys, Contests, Reader Feedback and Q+A
  • Track the performance of every issue as well as open rates and unsubscribe
  • See which subject line does better
  • Set a publication schedule and stick with it
  • Not daily unless your topic is very fast moving like day trading
  • Stick to publishing on the same day/week/month/bi-weekly
  • It is a relationship builder
  • The better the content and the greater the interaction the deeper the relationship will become