B2B Email Marketing

B2B (Business to Business) Email Marketing

Writer Evan Fees: A series of 3-10 emails at a time, $300 - $2,500 (plus 10% GST)

  • B2B Companies send over a million marketing emails each week
  • 89% of leads are generated and/or nurtured via email (Source: Mail Gen)
  • 74% of companies say email marketing delivers the highest ROI (Source: E Consulting)
  • 50% more companies expect to spend more on email marketing in 2018 (Source: DMA)

Writer Evan uses email marketing to:

  • Follow up on leads, build relationships, Generate leads, and sell products/services
  • Programs upsell and cross sell
  • Generate direct sales, contents/sections of email marketing
  • Subject Line is important since it has a Headline and Body Copy. It is persuasive and leads to a Call to Action and creates Leads
  • Landing Page has a Headline, Body copy, and additional information –motivational copy
  • Further Call to Action/Sign Up form and increases Quality of Leads

Types of Emails

A) Promotional Emails B) Relationship Building Emails C) Email
Series/Campaigns D) Information Emails

1) Promotional Email – an email that directly promotes product, service/special offer

e.g. an email offering a free White Paper

Trying to sell you something or a free webinar

This is a Lead Generation email

2) Relationship Building Email – emails written primarily to build relationships with prospects and customers

e.g. an email offering helpful content almost like a Blog Post

It has a Call to Action – Soft Selling

3) Email Series/Campaign – combination of above two emails

A series of emails designed to accomplish a specific sales goal

e.g. a series of five emails to sell a new training program or you might write a Follow Up email after someone has downloaded a White paper – encourage a person to agree to a Sales Meeting

4) Information Emails – An email that simply conveys needed/important information. i.e. an email with instructions on how to attend a Webinar – should be clear and easy to understand.

What is a sponsored email?

  • 90% of the time they are emails that your client sends to his own client/prospects/customers in client’s email list
  • But sometimes a client when sending an email to a person from someone else’s email list; this is a sponsored email
  • Requirements and restrictions for sponsored emails
  • How long the email can be?
  • What is the layout and design?
  • Be familiar with company standards template. Ask for a sample of the template

Promotional email guidelines:

  • Write in a business, casual style or tone
  • Do not be all corporate, stiff, formal and business like
  • Make it personal, a one on one message
  • Avoid pitchy or salesy language

Relationship Building email Guidelines:

  • It is designed to sell
  • Email written primarily to build relationships with prospect and customers
  • Why do companies use relationship building emails
  • Staying in touch. Most B2B selling requires a long sales cycle (6-9 months) where building the relationship is important
  • Writing Subject Lines Characteristics:
  • Be clear. It must not be muddled. You must understand what it says and it must not be confusing
  • Focus on just one thing and one message
  • Include a Motivator: Communicate a benefit
  • Fresh – It must not be dull/old but creative, unique and different

Who hires a Freelance email Copywriter?

One) Marketing Director

Agency Creative Director
Business Owner
Marketing Director in Bigger Small companies $3 million plus sales or medium size large companies

Two) Agency Creative Director

Marketing agencies, Design Firms, Creative Service Firms, Content marketing
Firms, Marketing Consultants

Three) Business Owners - Up to $3 million in sales
Companies with long sales cycles, Lead Generation
Relationship Building, Information Seekers, Conferences and Marketing