About Evan

About Evan

I am a Master Web Copywriter. My specialist skills are: Site Audit, B2B Email Marketing, B2C Email Copywriting, as well as, SEO. I can help your website, gain a: number one - Google - Search Engine Ranking.

I can compose emails for your organization; that will, gain leads and convert to lucrative sales. I can repair and refine; your underperforming website; to improve its presentation; and, make it - stand out online with: excellence!

I have been trained by: Nick Usborne, Jay White, Steve Slaunwhite, Pam Foster, Joshua Boswell and Heather Lloyd-Martin from AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.) in - Florida, USA. I have worked as a Technical Writer and Editor.

I am a member of: Professional Writers’ Alliance, Australian Society for
Technical Communication; and, Golden Key International Honor Society.

Writing and Editing Skills (Completed twice in 2006 & 2010)

  • Grasped the mechanics of parts of speech
  • Can differentiate between different sections of a sentence
  • Can correct common grammatical and sentence errors
  • Have experience in editing for punctuation
  • Can express myself clearly and concisely but also can adapt my style to a variety of purposes
  • Learnt the technical rules and procedures of writing, understanding and communicating in proper English to a professional level
  • Can write in mangled language, tautology, colloquial, official and slang
  • Can appreciate and understand the difficult types of genres in English Literature and can classify, specify, analyze and interpret different styles of writing


Editing Two (Completed in 2011)

  • Have been trained to copyedit text, create style sheets, edit tables, illustrations, charts and to structurally edit
  • Have written a manuscript assessment and author feedback
  • Have knowledge of defamation and how to create and edit an index
  • Understand copyright and the publishing industry
  • Can construct a coherent and logical heading hierarchy
  • Can build a relationship with the author and provide positive feedback on a manuscript
  • Can meet deadlines, communicate well and be polite
  • Can preserve the author’s voice, and integrity of the author’s text
  • Can deal with difficult authors diplomatically


Copy Writing

  • Draft and edit writing for everyday business documents such as letters, minutes, briefing, notes and reports
  • Writing for smaller and broader audiences, public relations, advertising and mass media
  • Script and speech writing and client-briefing process
  • Wrote a book review on slavery based on the USA pre-Civil War antebellum south
  • Wrote a play review on Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  • Learnt to analyze and make a case study on consumers’ and voters’ demographics
  • Learnt to analyze print media and advertising and understand how it captures the attention, purchasing power and confidence of consumers and voters
  • Learnt how to set up a Public Relations campaign, write a speech and a public service announcement for radio
  • Wrote a professional government report for Melbourne’s dwindling water supply


Journalism One

  • Have knowledge about local media
  • Learnt interview skills needed to write a profile
  • Write engaging reviews
  • Acquired skills to write a feature article
  • Knowledge of ethics and law of journalism
  • Learnt to write in Tabloid and Broadsheet
  • Learnt how to approach an interviewee and interview them at a professional level
  • Can set up a proper list of questions to ask at the interview, transcribe, record and edit the interview to present it at industry standard to an employer or editor


Journalism Two

  • Writing and editing headlines, media releases. Examining writing guidelines and styles
  • Learnt interviewing and research skills by looking at interviewing styles for different media • Compiling and writing up interviews into a feature article
  • Learnt how to work with editors. Discovered how to interview for pitched article ideas
  • Gained knowledge in invoicing, getting paid, administration, home office and business set-up
  • Networking and Marketing. Examined copyright laws and about syndicating articles.
  • Developed skills in networking with other journalists and potential interviewees. Discovered writing organizations and professional bodies