A Client Brief

A Client Brief

by Evan Papamichael

Task One: Receiving a client brief V/O: Aristotle Onassis

An outline by the Greek shipping tycoon on receiving a client brief

Client: Estate of Mrs. Emily Montford Brand: Braymore City Council Library

Timeline: Internal review 2 weeks

Final revisions 3 weeks Present to client 4 weeks

Campaign Requirements: To publicise new acquisitions of books, magazines, video tapes, DVDs and CDs and three computers linked to the internet Target Audience: Primary-Local members of Braymore City Council Library Secondary-Anyone from the surrounding areas who have access to the library�s facilities Since library privileges are not restricted to just one particular area, in some cases Proposed budget and associated issues: The Braymore City Council Library has received a bequest of $358 000 from the estate of the late Mrs. Emily Montford This money was spent on library acquisitions as stated above Sample of concept stage of format recommendation: Look at campaign requirements above Evaluation and reporting mechanisms: First Evan (Consultant) will find out what the client wants. Evan and the business need to identify the business� mission, vision, strategic analysis and internal and external objectives, strategies and the action plan. Show skills in dealing with the client brief: Self-explanatory Part One: Receiving a client brief Consultant Evan: Hey, Kevin don�t tell me there�s a lot of money to be blown? Kevin: Yes, Evan about $358 000.What do you want from this briefing? Evan: Well I am aware that the money has been spent on useful library acquisitions. But what else is required? Kevin: We have to calculate the budget for publicizing such an event. Can you suggest where we might find objective standards to help us resolve this question? Evan: Do you have a timeline? Would you say that this briefing is tougher than others? Kevin: Evan we have to conduct an internal review of the situation first. This must be completed within two weeks. Then we have to make a final revision on the situation. This means consulting with me and my staff. I Kevin Edwards, and my colleague Carmel Frances, will be co-ordinators of the project. You will liaise with both of us, Evan. Evan: Then you will present the brief to me. I hope everything is AOK at the end. Kevin: Our reporting relationship will cover two areas. Evan: In what way? Kevin: Firstly, we will have our overall business objective. To strengthen our leadership in the library system. To maintain dominance in the city�s library system. And to move couch potatoes out of the living room, and into the world of books. Secondly, our communication objectives are more serious. We want our local council, to project a positive image of itself. We also want to assure the �Norms� of this world, that life is not just about beer and meat pies, in front of the TV each afternoon. In this way we will improve the health, and wellbeing, of our community members. By being pro-active we can save our reputation. Evan: But what is our target audience? Kevin: I just told you. The �Norms� of the world. I would not mind attracting homemakers, businesspeople and students to the library too. Evan: And what about your preference, Kevin, for media approaches? Kevin: You know, newspapers and radio. Evan: Yeah, well that sounds a bit bland. Don�t you know Kevin, that according to council requirements, we must reach every household in the area. We can do this by conveying detailed information, about the library acquisitions, by showing visuals of books, and other acquired items. Kevin: I know Evan. This is the library�s responsibility. They can give an informal session about the new acquisitions. Evan: And of course, this will motivate people to attend, by offering a chance to win a computer, through a competition. Kevin: But remember Evan, we only have a limited budget, of between, $12 000 and $16 000. How can we save money with our limited resources? Evan: Kevin, I think the best way to approach the problem, is through a leaflet. It will be printed by the printer who does the rate notices, and mailed out with the rate notices, in four weeks time. Meet me in two days time, Kevin. And I will tell you the quote, I received from the printer, for leaflets and brochures. Two days later: Evan: Kevin, my first priority is given to a leaflet, mailed out with rate notices. Second priority, is to a press release which I will write up. The printing costs $10 800. The design costs $300. And my fee is $1000. This in total is $12 100. Part Two: Evan (Consultant) giving the client brief Evan: Kevin, did you hear who kicked up a stink? Kevin: No, who? Evan: The relatives of the late Emily Montford, are furious, that your staff is incompetent. Kevin: What do you mean? Evan: Colleen Merry, the Marketing and Communications Manager, was fired for procrastinating in her job. Evan: It does not stop there. The facilities Manager, meaning you, has also stepped out of line. You were so lazy, that you did not even attend the meeting. Kevin, oh Kevin, what are we going to do? Kevin: What about advertising in certain areas? Evan: In what way? Kevin: How about advertising in local radio, newspapers, press releases and finally leaflets and brochures. Our people will be happy with these media outlets, for advertising. I think we have worked everything out. Evan: That sounds great! Local radio is cheap. And we are able to personalize experience, by interviewing library staff. I know that very few people will listen, and the information cannot always be conveyed. But we can promote a computer competition, since some company, is going to donate a computer. We can get some locals, to complete a form in the library, to enter. Kevin: Local newspapers are just as good. I think by entrusting our PR campaign, through media advertising, we have our goals successfully set. We will get a good coverage, which is targeted to the community. The Mayor�s photo can be included. A contest entry form can be part of the advertisement. I know that it is expensive, and will cost $300 for a 15cm x 2 column. Evan: Yeah. And we might be accused by the locals, of wasting rate payers� money. Kevin: Well to make up for it, we�ll include a photo, of our handsome Mayor, as I just said. You should also consider a press release, Evan. Evan: I know, it is cheap and may lead to widespread coverage. There is no guarantee that the media will respond, but we�ll give it a try. A leaflet delivered to the locals, with the rate payments, is another possibility. If we are able to save a great deal of money, by printing leaflets, then this is the answer to all our questions. It is cheap, as it only costs, 20c per copy for 54 000 copies. The visuals, larger than one third of a sheet, can be displayed. It may be treated as junk mail. And delivery costs are expensive ($40/1000). But it will reach all homes, and it is easy to provide, cut-out entry forms, for the competition. Kevin: Delivered brochures are also a winner, Evan. They convey detailed text, and are more comprehensive than a leaflet. And they look more impressive. Brochures provide more detail than is needed, and are more expensive than a leaflet. But they are easy to provide, as a cut-out entry form, for the competition, as you just told me. Remember that brochures, are more expensive than a leaflet (30c versus 20c). We have to take all these issues into consideration. This way the library staff will be involved, and it is what I want! Evan: Just remember Kevin, that we have a few businesses, which are cheesed off. Two local video shops, a local bookshop and a record shop are worried about business competitiveness. Kevin: Don�t worry. It�s a breeze. I will contact them, and ease their anxiety and frustration. Evan: Tell them that the majority of the videos, are educational and foreign language. Only a minority are entertainment focused. Kevin: Well Evan baby, we need to spend as little money as possible, on this project. Say, only $12 000-$16 000 can be spared. This is because the Montford donation, has luckily, taken some pressure, off the library budget. Evan: Well my mate, Kevin, you and Carmel Frances, seem to want the whole project completed, within four weeks. All the best with it baby! Strategies and objectives for the client brief V/O: Evan Papamichael Overall business objectives: To strengthen the leadership position, of Braymore City Council Library To maintain dominance in the public library system Move current students, professionals and all locals, to trial usage of library resources Communications objectives: Project a consistent image, for the entire range of the Braymore City Council Library brand as a provider for literature, CDs, DVDs, magazines, media and computers which are satisfying to locals Assure the community, that the library (as above) is available to them, for recreation and education Improve the quality and volume of books, literature, computers and the media to reflect the key message of the library Be pro-active in shaping, recreation and knowledge based skills, for the community Prepare locals to participate, and respond effectively, to resources available to them at the library The right information: Who is the target audience? The local community of Braymore City Council, and of course the �Norms�. We can identify them, by finding out their credentials, from the electoral role. The features of this PR campaign, are to promote the library, to the community. This can be done by highlighting the bequest, from Emily Montford. The benefits are reaped from the rewards, locals will gain from the competition, and the library resources acquired, from the money donated, from the bequest. The reporting mechanism will take place, through Evan the consultant, and the Manager, Kevin Edwards. These two will evaluate the most efficient manner, to deal with the PR campaign. Evan will be briefed by Kevin Edwards. Then Evan will report back, and present a finished brief, to the manager Kevin Edwards. The positioning of the PR campaign will be by usage: Evan and Edwards, will find out how, where (place), and when (time), the library is used by the locals. Is it during school and university exams? Is it during the colder winter months, when people have to be indoors? Or is there some way we can attract people, during the warmer summer months? Say, through a free bar-be-que. With free rides, activities, sweets and ice-cream for the kiddies. The briefs, (both Evan�s and Edwards�), will take place, in the conference room at the library. This is a quiet, non-threatening, and private meeting place. Here, Evan and Edwards, have the obligation, to behave in a carefree and compatible fashion.