B2C (Business to Consumer) Email Copy Sample

B2C (Business to Consumer) Email Copy Sample

By Evangelos Papamichael
Instructor: Jay White (AWAI)

Testimonial Email Copy

Subject: 25-year old Labourer strikes it rich

Hey there Abraham, it’s Jessie O’Brian here from Property Investments Super Deals, and I want to let you know about my friend Max…

A little while ago, Max was a struggling Fork Lift driver in a Factory. And needless to say, his future didn’t look too bright.

But the situation was about to turn around. I’ll let him tell you the story…

. . .

“I’m 25 years old, and a few months ago I was told about this new property investment system from Jessie O’Brian.

I was not aware that my life would be changed forever!

I was employed as a Fork Lift Driver at Rubin’s Tools and Timber and that’s when Jessie offered to teach me about property investment.

About three weeks later I was offered my first deal and received a payment of $29 000!!! (Twenty Nine thousand dollars) – I wanted to spell it out so you know it is for real)…”

. . .

Whoa, did you catch that?

Max pulled in $29 000 in his first deal---after just three weeks using my system! Now I don’t know about your experience, but I’ve met many labourers in my time. And they put in hard work and sweat to earn a dollar.

And $29 000 would be considered a decent payout for a lot of blue collar
workers (many don’t even make that much---even over a year).

But the with Property Investment Super Deals System, Max was able to generate half a year’s worth of income---in just five months.

And if you think he went no further, THINK AGAIN…

“I have never driven a Fork Lift since. I only increased my income after that…

My biggest property sale scoop was $75 000. I have achieved many more meeting $82 000 and $91 000.

Earning the mega dollars was never expected by, me. I can’t put it into words the gratefulness that I have towards you, Jessie for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me.

Thank you for showing me the light. Today I am socially, economically and
financially independent. Also, I can spend more me time with my loving family.

Forever grateful,
Max Rubenstein

. . .

Boy, a $29 000 deal from just a few days’ work---UNVELIEVABLE!

And even though this may not be common, Max is still bringing in the mega dollars on an average of $38 000 for each deal he closes.

But here’s the big question:

If a 25 year old Labourer can master my program and roll in the dollars with his very first try… What do you think YOU could do?

I’ll see you soon…Jessie
P.S. Look, you have very high chances of success…
I’m offering you the opportunity to read and master my training videos for a full two weeks---for only two dollars.

And if you wish to proceed with your training I will back it with a no condition 30 day money back guarantee.

So whichever way you look at it I am taking on the risk. That’s how confident I am about Property Investments Super Deal Secrets. It can change your life quickly and simply by placing you into a life of wealth, freedom and security.

Max did it. Why not you?