Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies

Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies

By Mr Evangelos Papamichael

Instructor: Mr Steve Slaunwhite (AWAI)

Thursday 21 June 2018
Melbourne, Australia

Email Marketing Piece

X-Ray and MRI Machine that is a Panacea Dream 

Achieve your dream of being an expert in your Niche; with the new, “State of the Art” Blue Label X-Ray machine.

  • X-rays are used to treat malign tumours before it spreads throughout the human body.
  • They help radiologists identify cracks, infections, injury and abnormal bones.
  • They also help identify bone cancer.
  • X-rays help in locating alien objects inside the bones or around them.

Source: http://lghidey-x-rays.blogspot.com/2011/10/x-rays-advantages-and-disadvantages.html

Blue Label X-ray and MRI can cut costs by showing data in lightning speed with comprehensive and accurate results.

When you purchase today, you only pay $10 000. That is a saving of 50%.

This offer will only last for three days.

Get in, quick! 

If you come to the Medico Machine Expo at Barkly Square today we will give you a free demonstration. 

Experience its magnificence, user-friendly functions and easy to understand process. Gain meticulous benefits. You will never think twice about making a purchase!

Whereas in the past you required a combination of: Radiologists, Surgeons, IT Experts and Microbiologists to get your head around an examination, your Luck has Changed.

You can reduce Labour Costs - with one Radiologist; and his/her tech driven data analysis, in a few hours. This is possible with the Blue Label MRI Machine.

  • MRI is particularly useful for scanning and detection of abnormalities in soft tissue structures in the body like the cartilage tissues and soft organs like the
    brain or the heart.
  • There is no involvement of any kind of radiations in the MRI, so it is safe for the people who can be vulnerable to the effects of radiations such as pregnant women or babies.
  • MRI can provide information about the blood vessels and also enabling the detection of problems related to the blood circulation.

Source: https://mriscans.weebly.com/advantages-and-disadvantages.html

Today only, you get a 50% discount if you purchase: our two Blue Label Products, mentioned in this offer!

This is an exclusive offer for only; those people attending the Medical Expo at, Barkly Square this week!

63% of Medical Professionals recommend these products.

They are efficient, user-friendly and meticulous in their diagnosis and data gathering results.

There are six reasons why you should purchase the Blue Label X-Ray and MRI Machines.

A) Calculate how much old equipment is costing, you.
B) Why didn’t you get instant results in your diagnosis?
What was holding you back?
C) Who can fill the gap in outdated medical equipment?
D) Is there an answer?
E) Yes! Blue Label X-Ray and MRI Machines.
F) Buy today and pay only $10 000 instead of a Whopping
$20 000!

Do you want to gain respect, within your profession - as being a leader in -innovation usage and a prominent expert, in your Niche?

If you sign up today your queries will be answered.

  • You won’t have another chance to grab this lucrative and promising offer!
  • Try our product and keep it for three months.
  • If you are not completely satisfied we will refund every penny that you paid for it.
  • That’s how confident we are in what we sell to Medico’s!

Hear what these Radiologists have to say about our product.

Professor George Rubinstein from Harvard University:

“I recommend Blue Label products because their X-ray is meticulous, efficient and cost-effective in diagnosis and in helping assess how we treat cancer patients.”

Dr Bill Mc Garry from Mount Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles:

“We could not have better technology at our finger tips. Blue Label MRI has advanced our methodology and procedures for scanning and testing our critically ill patients to assess how we can cure and treat them effectively.”

At Blue Label we want to guide you through the minefield of confusion; in medical diagnosis and treatment. We will show you an easier way out.

By implementing a system of X-Ray and MRI analysis that has been tried and tested by medical experts. It will bring you positive results for both patients and doctors!

Do not hesitate and sign up today for this exclusive offer.

To your Success
Brian Cash
Blue Label Marketing Director