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Social Media Marketing Expert Services

By Writer Evan

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Practice of Social Media

Goal #1: Reach a Larger Audience

  • Social Media is not about rational argument or the facts. It is about how we
    make people to feel and how we affect their emotions.
  • Never about a big logo and loud tagline.
  • It’s about telling a story and driving engagement. Also, being “real” or being
    a regular person like a customer.
  • Create a Poll/Questionnaire or post a question on the Facebook page.
  • A question invites invitations and engagement.
  • Writer Evan will listen to the answers and comments on this.

Facebook: Influence for Individuals

Make connections – meet Influencers or Evan himself can become an Influencer.
But Evan must have quality followers. Evan can help his clients by identifying
whether they are/have quality followers who are influencers/connectors. He can
help his clients in this way.

  • By answering back to comments/followers Evan creates loyalty by reaching
    and responding.
  • Good Social Media is social with engagement backwards and forwards.
  • Evan must say Thank You and he will get loyal quality followers.
  • Evan must acknowledge the value of his followers/fans.

Evan can offer FLASH SALES/PRIVATE FACEBOOK/LINKED IN GROUPS and give them special deals, offers and rewards. They will love Evan and they will be his
key Influencers.

  • This is deepened loyalty and they will listen to Evan.
  • Evan is treated as a real person in real time.
  • Customer Service is Marketing.
  • Evan ask your clients - Have you used Social Media as a Customer Service

Twitter – break things down into a list.

  • E.g. Copywriters in Melbourne – good if you cannot answer all the Tweets –
    have intimate groups.
  • Can retweet Tweets/comment on Tweets/ like and love Tweets.
  • This way Writer Evan builds trust and he will make more sales and have
  • 16 % of online users wield 80 % of social influence.
  • Writer Evan can conduct an Influencer Review and he will get many
    followers, connections and subscribers.
  • Here, Writer Evan will introduce products; and, companies and Influencers
    to his advantage; and, he will yield a big audience.
  • People trust Influencers and respect their opinion. They will follow Evan’s
    recommendations and will make a purchase. Evan can be a connector.

Publishing, Interacting, Networking or Selling
Four Key areas of Social Media

Share, distribute, reply, converse (make Conversation); and, create a Network of
sharers who will share Evan’s content.

Twitter: keep in touch

Marketing only needs: two seconds of clients’/followers attention to Network.
It gets Leads and Sales which creates a relationship and friendship.

  • Companies need Writer Evan’s help here.
  • Good for B2B and B2C companies.
  • Interact with your audience.
  • Answer comments/questions. Grow your trust with the audience.
  • Let people know you; and, be social; and, move people to Evan’s website.
  • Address complaints, have conversations: surprise and delight.
  • Answer questions and keep your customers happy.