Budget Brainiacs (Direct Response Copy Sample)

Direct Response Copy – Budget Brainiacs

By Evangelos Papamichael

Dollar Dazzler to Wealthy Wisdom


Yes, there are proven methods to help instruct your children to save that Golden Greenback! Budget Brainiacs is your resource for reaching budget success.

With Budget Brainiacs learn what it takes to pursue financial security and enjoy the lifestyle most children only dream about. It was created by Bestfin, Inc. a Mom who is also a banking executive and who has earned her MBA.

She represents all the Moms who see their adult children struggle with money issues, ill-prepared for even the most basic financial situations in life.

Her company has helped a lot of people leave the spend-a-day world and move up to a very different (and far more rewarding) life as a wealthy capitalist. These folks no longer have the spending patterns that result in an empty bank account or an overridden credit card.

They make their own schedule after completing the Budget Brainiacs program and leave plenty of time for things they enjoy most; family, hobbies, travel, you name it. And many of them tell us they’re saving far more money than they ever did in the past.

Here’s a way for you to join them… to “ease in” to the financial freedom life
without having to make a major commitment. It’s an invitation to join a very special group of people who can help you learn what it takes to save your money and enjoy the kind of lifestyle that most people only dream about.

We call this group:

Budget Brainiacs and as a member you’ll learn how to make a financial bank balance which will exceed all expectations and ensure you are guaranteed pleasure and leisure.

JOIN BUDGET BRAINIACS and GET STARTED for financial freedom.

When you join Budget Brainiacs we’ll send you access to… a fun web-based program and a club for families with children ages 10 and up.

Its mission is to be a destination site kids look forward to visiting while they learn critical financial skills and earn rewards.

Parents help their children log on to their personal game page, and then the kids go through a series of games and other tasks to learn how money matters work. It includes learning channels on bank accounts, applying for jobs and apartments, creating a monthly budget, buying a car, establishing a savings account, and much more.

Budget Brainiacs is sold as an online (web-based) family (members program) that includes:

Secure online access to the Club and their own Budget Brainiacs Family
Centre at the website:


Online videos, games and classes/quizzes on managing money – all geared to attract and teach kids ages 10 and up. Each child earns points for completing tasks and games that demonstrate they understand the money concepts.

Points can be redeemed for “prizes” in an online store featuring fun prizes related to managing your life…such as a super-cool wallet or backpack.

You won’t pay

$100 a month


$60 a month


$45 a month

The family CLUB MEMBERSHIP fee is $29/month per child enrolled.

Fill out the SECURE ORDER FORM below today, and lock in this special rate
for as long as you choose to remain a member of the Club. You will receive:

2) Where you can log on anytime of the day or night to…

  • Watch free instructional videos and lectures.
  • Enter 3 savings contests each month where you can win $1000!
  • Take advantage of valuable members-only discounts on the Club’s programs,
    seminars, webinars, books, and courses.
  • Join a worldwide COMMUNITY OF MOMS on our website (and our private Facebook page) who are eager to exchange ideas and answer questions while they motivate and inspire you to succeed as a budgeter.

3) TWELVE MONTHLY ISSUES OF “BUDGET BRAINIACS” Magazine! Our Club’s magazine will be delivered to you on the first Friday of every month via
password-protected email.

You’ll find motivational advice. Saving tips. Success secrets. Everything you need to
know to get going - and keep going – on this exciting and lucrative lifestyle.

If you’re worried, that our kind of “Budgeting” is not your cup of tea, RELAX!
You can quit at any time. If you decide to cancel your membership within the first 365 days, just shoot us an email and we’ll send all your money back. No quibbles and no questions asked.

If you decide to cancel later, we’ll simply remove the annual dues from your credit card and you’ll be under no further obligation. You won’t owe us a penny.

As soon as you send in your secure order form, we’ll email you a confirmation with a
password that gives you INSTANT ACCESS to everything we’ve promised. You’ll also get a
phone number for Member Services in case you have any questions or concerns. So fill out
the order form below…click submit…and start watching your email box NOW!

Continuous Service Guarantee
When you sign-up for a 12-month subscription to Budget Brainiacs, you’ll be billed for the
first year at the discounted rate. With our continuous service guarantee, you’ll lock in the
rate, and enjoy continuous service with automatic billing every year.

That way you maintain your membership, hassle free, at the lowest price. You can cancel any time, and during the first year of your membership, you can get a full refund of your purchase price – even if you cancel on the 365th day!

Budget Brainiacs – Annual Membership $29/month per child enrolled

$348.00/year per child enrolled

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